Until twenty years ago, many of the technologies that today accompany us on a daily basis and are an integral part of our habits, they weren't even remotely thinkable.

Television, radio e newspapers were i alone channels of disclosure. People just had to rely blindly on what was published about them without possibility of to intervene and being able to verify the sources was not easy.

The communication it was purely unidirectional e vertical.

What has changed?

The serrata evolution of computer and his descendants portable, has gradually created the possibility to use tools interactive as a means of communication, the technologies behind the screen are advanced to the point of making this operation simple e ordinary.

The public gives "actor" passive Yes is transformed in active. I media digital have offered greater space to the interaction offering the possibility of move criticisms, of become intermediary, filter O, even, Creator of content.

Users, by simple users, they become creators of contents e information active 24 hours on 24. The communication top-down of traditional media it has changed in bottomup with the advent of digital media.

The entrance in life e in habits daily on smartphone, tablets and ultrabooks in symbiosis with the entry into the web scene of social networks ha increased remarkably the number of contents online and of interactions every day arriving a force even the same ones media traditional ad to adapt to the new communicative frontier.

The communication unidirectional comes slowly replaced then from a communication pluridirezionale.


Businesses have benefited from it?

When advertising took place exclusively on media traditional, i costs of publication were a lot elevated, large sums were invested in production of contents advertising scenic e spectacular to hit people's "unconscious" by spending hundreds of thousands of euros per few seconds of presence, making the advertising a luxury that only a few could afford, without certainties on quantity of public that Really they succeeded a to reach. Available solo data statistically ed hypothetical without any real measure verifiable of the interactions had on those contents.

The audience was therefore quantitative not qualitative.

The internet has made advertising democratic.

Today instead to sponsor your company or content requires a investment accessible to all: with a few hundred euros it is generally possible to to reach thousands of potentials customers.

Buy notable though relevance the quality of message since as you can imagine this involves a increase of the competition on the field.

How to differentiate yourself then?

The investment real in advertising goes to move on appearance technical.

Having the digital world opened the doors to critical interaction it becomes basic create a piano marketing structured per:

  • To reach yours public current e potential
  • Create contents suitable for quantity and quality
  • To develop the adequate possibilities of interaction
  • To analyze i data collected from their own campaigns
  • Improve your strategy in become

Implementing a digital marketing plan means to study i needs of people and to be ready to offer content that interests them.

Exist on the market tools come Facebook insight, Instagram insight o Google Analytics. Each of these tools offers access a data real on behaviors of users e, in the face of an accurate analysis, helps understand come

create products e services increasingly complete e meet i needs and the need of yours customers.

Creating "ad hoc" products and services means guaranteeing your company greater revenues and the acquisition of competitive credibility on the market.

“Quality has a lot in common with sex. Everyone is in favor. Everyone thinks they know her. Everyone believes that for the execution it is only a matter of following the natural inclinations. And as usual most think that the problems are caused by others.”

Phil Crosby

Advertise a product or service increases remarkably the purchasing possibilities.

In the digital world the rule applies that, ad an increase in reading, visibility, interaction and sharing of a content it follows a notable one increase the possibility that a user takes into account theidea to buy it.

Have one constant presence and of quality within the new media is basic importance.

Therefore, it is ideal to leave nothing to chance and rely on the professionals of the trade.

Democratic means within everyone's reach?

It would be wrong to argue that affordable costs correspond to a simple use within everyone's reach.

The catch is around the corner, inventing advertising communicators carries with it considerable risks.

In fact, we often read about companies that due to a widespread dissemination of wrong messages, of unprofessional content have lost in image, notoriety or have come across unforgivable mistakes of communication widespread on a large scale.

How to forget the big flop communicative of Dolce & Gabbana of 2018.

Dolce and Gabbana, China is raging: "racists". Mega show canceled. And Ferragni rages

The same concept is also true in reverse, well-managed communication enhances at full values ​​of a company, makes it known history, promotions, services profits and a continuous presence builds trust in the product.

Relying on professionals of the trade is not a cost, but a investment.

The world of technology and social media is constantly changing: i trend, advertising tools and methods change and change at the speed of light e always keeping up with the times has become really complicated.

For those who have a business is then of basic importance do not improvise communicators and rely on those who are experts in the sector, sure not to turn an inexpensive and intelligent investment into something harmful.

What an industry expert must be able to offer?

  • Strategic planning of publications
  • Content quality
  • Communicative exchange with you to get to know your values ​​better
  • Knowledge of platforms
  • Ability to identify the audience

The new communicative frontier opens the horizons to a sea of ​​possibilities that, I know well exploited, they will help you to enhance not only i added values ​​of your business but also of farlto evolve tailored to customers.

Internet is the new frontier of the free market and competition, if properly exploited it becomes an important growth lever for your business.

The Internet is the new frontier of the free market.
The competition, if exploited properly, becomes an important growth lever for your business.
Article by Fabio Belotti