we are

Our company was born completely by chance and unexpectedly, from an idea among friends at a bar table!

A touch of madness and the desire to dream led us to turn that thought into reality.

With the same simplicity, we will try to provide you with innovative and sometimes complex tools. For us, it is essential not only that you thoroughly understand our offer, but also that you can actively participate in the development of new strategies.

Three points to summarize our method:


We listen to you and strive to thoroughly understand your needs and the context in which you operate.


We identify and set goals with you to meet your needs.


We develop a targeted proposal structured according to the most appropriate resources for achieving the goals.


To come together is a beginning, to stay together is progress, to work together is success.

Henry Ford

Daniele Nani
Founder & Digital Manager
I aim to build strong business relationships with clients, understand their needs, and provide them with top-notch innovative solutions. I listen carefully to their ideas, identifying challenges together, in order to offer a personalized and high-quality service.
Oscar Tripicchio
Co-Founder, IT Specialist, Systems Administrator, Full-stack Developer
"I help companies make the most of technology to achieve their goals. I handle everything related to network management, technical support for business applications, and cybersecurity. My goal is to 'simplify your life' so you can better focus on your work!
Alessandra Tuosto
Azionista, Content Creator e Social Media Manager
My role ranges from advertising campaigns on social media and Google to creating engaging content. My aim is to grow your brand online and ensure the best digital presence through careful strategy planning.